Demonstrate Green House Effect with Micro Green House

micro green house

Meaning- Green House Effect or global warming is today’s burning issue which has resulted in the increase of the temperature of the earth due to trapping of solar radiation by greenhouse gases such as Carbon dioxide, CFC, water vapor’s and Oxides of nitrogen respectively.  The temperature of the earth is increasing at an alarming rate and if it continues then the earth would be much warmer than the present days. The major effect of global warming is melting of the ice of polar region resulting in the flooding of low lying areas, climatic changes, plant, and animal species are badly affected, increase in the sea level, etc. The phenomenon is explained with the help of Micro Green House.


The project is practically very easy as it uses only 2-3 water/soft drinks bottles which are cleaned prior to the experiment. The first step to pop bottle greenhouse is cutting the bottle, cut the bottle in half so the bottom piece is deep enough to hold the soil and plants. Poke a few holes in the bottom of the bottle for drainage. The top half of the bottle will be the top of the micro greenhouse with the cap on. Fill the container with soil and plant the seeds. Water the seeds in lightly and replace the lid atop the soda bottle greenhouse. Put your new mini greenhouse on a plate and put it in a sunny spot. The lid will retain moisture and heat so the seeds will sprout quickly. Depending on the type of seed, they should sprout within 2-5 days. Keep the seedlings moist until it is time to plant them in the garden. Once you transplant the seedlings, reuse the bottle greenhouse to start some more.

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